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WHAT IS OrangePass?

OrangePass is a helpful tool developed for venues, offices, construction sites, warehouses, recreational facilities (and more) that stores the data of your patrons and workers. OrangePass is a great safety net for business owners shall they need to access the contact information of those entering their venue, or revert back to any permission forms signed by patrons and workers.

OrangePass enables businesses to upload venue specific rules to a secure platform. Patrons of that venue are directed to enter their contact information and then accept those rules upon entry to the venue. That data is then captured and stored so businesses can access it at any time in the future.

The year 2020 has been difficult for business owners to say the very least, so to reduce the stress of making sure everyone at your venue is accounted for and safe, OrangePass has been developed to make collecting data from patrons easy! Whether you need to collect contact information for a restaurant so you can easily trace COVID 19 outbreaks, make sure workers on your construction site have gone through the required induction or even make sure patrons using your gym have and acknowledged their pre-existing injuries, OrangePass is an easy to use platform that stores all of this required data in one hub.

By using OrangePass, business owners can be sure that people entering their space are aware of the rules, ultimately protecting your business from a liability standpoint. Furthermore, OrangePass makes patrons of your venue feel safe. It’s win-win for both businesses and the people visiting that space!

The OrangePass data hub can also be a valuable asset for businesses to view peak sales times, foot traffic and help with marketing strategies, giving you an in-depth analysis into who your patrons are.

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How does OrangePass help your company?

OrangePass, on a high level, helps your company gather data.

OrangePass allows a business to easily upload its venue compliance policies, terms & conditions, standards, general requirements of how to act and safety rules.

OrangePass is here to help businesses make sure its patrons and workers are doing the right thing!

Patrons of the venue will be required to enter their information, which will be captured and stored so that you have a record of who was at the venue, their acceptance of the rules and any pre-existing conditions they may have upon filling out the form.

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Orange Pass is completely digital. No paper. No pens. No contact!

Patrons don’t want to hand over personal details on a piece of loose paper. It could get lost, other patrons may see this information and given the current health climate, it’s not hygienic.

People simply sign-in by scanning a QR code to make sure the process is contact-free and sanitary.

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I’m a patron who wants to enter a restaurant. 

I see a QR code on the door at the front of the venue, directing me to scan before entry.

From the scan, I simply enter my details, accept the rules, answer a couple of easy questions about my prior health history and I’m ready to enter the venue. 

I won’t have to do this every time either. I’ll only need to do it as frequently as the business requires.

I am now safe to enter the venue knowing that everyone else in this space has also accepted the rules and shall something happen, there is a clear record of all people at the venue.

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If you would like to discuss using OrangePass for your facility, please get in touch via the contact form below.

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